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Outdoor cameras are security devices that can capture and record criminal activity around your home. These devices can usually withstand extreme temperatures and they often have two-way talk, night vision and HD resolution. You’ll find both wireless and wired outdoor camera models.

Our hands-on experience with a large number of outdoor surveillance cameras tells us that these devices are not only valuable for recording crime. They also stop it! With built-in features like motion-activated floodlights and sirens, these cameras easily scare away intruders. In addition, the best security cameras produce clear video in any light; most have infrared night vision. Below we’ve reviewed five of the top brands. Which one stands out as the outdoor security champion of 2023? Read on to find out!

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

Many outdoor security cameras have built-in spotlights, but if you really want to light up your driveway or yard, you need to look at something like the Ring Floodlight. The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus has two bright LED floodlights, each offering 2,000 lumens, which is enough to illuminate your location and potentially scare off any intruders. The camera offers 1080p HD video with live view and color night vision. Plus, because Amazon owns Ring, Floodlight is compatible with Alexa.

Ezviz C3X Dark Fighter

The C3X uses a dual-lens setup to deliver color video at night, even without auxiliary lights. In addition, building AI into the system means that the camera can spot the shape of people and vehicles even in low light conditions. The system works by using proprietary algorithms to combine data from infrared cameras (lit using two lights that are not visible to the human eye) with ambient brightness. The generated H.265 video is then sent via wi-fi, Ethernet or recorded locally. The system still has a bright flashing light (and siren) which can be used to deter intruders; people, vehicles or both, and in which area as you decide. The MicroSD and reset button are hidden under a screw-sealed plate, which should make it harder to tamper with and earn an IP67 rating. The included waterproof clip for the cable is also handy. The design is also great for those who are far from a Wi-Fi base; the dual antennas are effective.

Wansview Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera

The Wansview Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera is an excellent camera that provides you with a value-for-money view of your environment. It comes with a 1080p FHD camera with a 2 MP lens. It works with 2.4GHz wifi connections, but is not compatible with 5GHz settings. You can also connect it to the cloud using the included Ethernet cable. It has 24 built-in IR LEDs for night vision recording. With an IP66 rating, you can rest easy knowing that your camera will work even in rain, storms, or snow. The camera also works well in temperatures ranging from 14F to 104F. This is because it is made of aluminum alloy. Its material also makes it vandal-proof. This outdoor surveillance camera from Wansview is compatible with Alexa devices. So you can use it with your Echo Show or Fire TV.

Using the motion sensor, you’ll be alerted immediately when there’s movement outside your home. Then you can continue to see live footage by opening the Wansview cloud app. Automatic storage of files in the cloud also means that recorded video is available even if an intruder damages the camera. Data stored in the cloud is protected with financial encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of the files. However, you should note that the camera is not rechargeable and does not use batteries. Therefore, you must plug it into an outlet in order to power it.

The Wansview Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera is a great choice for those who don’t care about backup power for their security cameras.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Quad HD 1440p Wifi Security Camera

With its color night vision and 2K resolution, the Arlo Pro 3 makes it easy to see details of any footage it captures. Automatic image correction reduces the distortion and fisheye effect sometimes associated with security cameras, and promises up to 12x zoom without loss of clarity.

The camera works with all leading smart home platforms, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. In addition, you can use the Arlo app to perform all actions, from viewing live camera feeds to manually activating alarms.

However, some features do require an Arlo Secure subscription. With this, you’ll be able to get alerts that distinguish between people, cars and packages, and be able to call a friend of the emergency services during an incident.

Zumimall Outdoor Wireless Security Camera with Motion Detection

The Zumimall Outdoor Security Camera comes with a high-capacity 10,400mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to six months. Any motion-triggered video is saved to an SD card or cloud storage. The camera has a total of four infrared lights for infrared detection that can automatically switch to night vision. It offers 120 degrees FOV and 55 feet night vision range.

The Zumimall outdoor surveillance camera has an IP65 weatherproof rating, an integrated microphone for talking into the camera, and a powerful speaker for two-way communication. Multiple account sharing and PIR motion detection are supported. While it may not be as compact as other products, it offers long-lasting battery life.

How to Determine the Best Outdoor Surveillance Camera for You

When choosing an outdoor surveillance camera for your home, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. However, determining your needs can help you narrow down your search. Consider the following factors when conducting your research.

Weather conditions

Do you live in a location that experiences extremely hot, cold, windy, snowy or rainy weather? The answer to at least one of these is probably yes, and if so, be sure to take this into consideration when deciding which outdoor security camera is best for you by choosing one that is weatherproof.

The color of your home

Most outdoor security cameras are either black or white. However, for some people, there is only one color to choose from. Do you want your camera to blend in with the colors of your home? Or, maybe you really want it to contrast with your home so outsiders know more clearly that there are cameras. Whatever your preference, if you have one, be sure to choose a camera that has a color option that suits your needs.

Your preferred power source

When choosing a power source, you must choose between battery-powered or hardwired. There are pros and cons to both. While wireless, battery-powered outdoor security cameras offer flexibility in placement, (since you don’t need to work near the location of the plug) consider the fact that they will eventually need to have their batteries replaced.

With a wired connected camera, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about running out of power, but you are limited in where you can place it because you will be forced to work in the presence of an outlet .

Line of sight obstacle

Before making a final decision, consider anything that might block the camera’s view (garages, trees, utility poles, etc.) and compare the different view options to determine the best one for your space. Maybe you need a full 180-degree view, or maybe 110 degrees will suffice. Either way, it’s worth considering before making a decision.

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